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White’s Vision Field Report

(White's Vision Field Report as published online by White's Electronics)

White’s New 2009 Spectra

Jimmy Sierra’s West Coast White’s Spectra Vision Project Team
West Coast Treasure’s Ray Romeo,
Trans Bay Metal Detector’s Greg Moscini,
White’s of California’s Jimmy ‘Sierra’ Normandi & Son Jim Normandi

At A Glance

  • All New Spectra Vision Color LCD Screen; A WEALTH of Information
  • All New Visual Signagraph Three Frequency Levels; 2.5 kHz, 7.5 kHz and 22.5 kHz Enhanced

Response to Gold and Silver.

  • All New Wide View High Resolution Color Fully Adjustable Screen
  • All New Visual Analyze Mode (Size, Shape)
  • All New Micro-Processor Interface
  • All New Wireless Headphone Interface-Channels
  • All New NiMH Battery Cradle/Re-Charging System
  • All New Ground Probe to Optimize Performance (Signal to Noise)
  • All New Expert Menus, Puts YOU in Total Control to further customize and tweak to optimize under various hunting conditions.
  • All New Audio/Visual Circuits Enhances Target Depth and Discrimination Selectivity
  • All New Live Controls Allow Direct Access/Adjustment along Vision Screen

JUST SOME of the Spectra Vision FEATURE Highlights

  • Fully Adjustable Spectra Vision Target Detection Screen
  • Selectable Single Frequency
  • BEST Data Three Frequencies
  • Enhanced Signal
  • Dial In Precise AC and Preamp using Ground Probe Feature
  • Illuminated Touch Pad
  • 10.25 D2 Coil Standard
  • SL Chassis Comfort Grip With Excellent Weight and Balance
  • Easy To Use Turn on and Go Programs with Enhanced Performance
  • Advanced Ground Auto-Tracking (Adjustable)
  • Pin Point and Motion"on-the-fly Coin Depth
  • Full Range Sensitivity & Pre-Amp Controls
  • Full Range Visual and Audio Discrimination -95 to +95
  • Large Target Number and Icons (Full Color)
  • Direct Access ‘Dashboard’ Adjustments, with On The Fly Adjustments
  • Standard Battery Back Up Pack
  • Customized Programs for Advanced Users
  • All New Big Ten Pro-Designed Programs include
    • 1. Coin
    • 2. Coin/Jewelry
    • 3. Beach
    • 4. Relic
    • 5. Prospecting
    • 6. All-Deep Silver
    • 7. High Trash
    • 8. High Pro
    • 9. Mixed Mode Pro
    • 10. Meteorite


With over 5 years of research and development, White’s Electronics is proud to introduce the All NEW Made In America, Spectra Vision, taking Technology a leap head of anything else on the market today.

People are always concerned about the Depth and Discrimination characteristics of their metal detectors. Discrimination is best described in three categories: Audio, Visual (Screen) when the results are seen by the user, the 3rd category would be the users interpretation of the information the end user receives to make a choice to investigate and extract the target as a potential good-desirable target. The selectivity of the Vision will enable the end user to avoid digging lots of trash by supplying the user with a combination of Audio and Visual clues not seen in any other detector.

DEPTH: One of the first questions usually asked is how deep will go. We like to define that Depth as BEST Signal (target audio response) to Noise (Ground Reactivity, Electrical Interference etc). The Spectra Visions new Audio Performance takes Signal Response on fringe targets to an all new level second to NONE. When this advanced technology detector hits on a deep desirable target, its like the Liberty Bell going off versus a tiny response. The Vision operates with a variety of features like Ground Probe, Fully Adjustable and Independent Visual & Audio Sensitivity Controls. You may operate in any of ten different well tested Factory Default Programs or create and save your own program. One excellent feature is that any changes you might make to adjust one of the preset programs will remain changed when you turn off your unit. Even if you remove your battery, the changes will be there when you turn your unit back on. You can easily restore any changes to the original factory settings at any time. This is a real time saver. The Factory Default Programs have been carefully designed and tweaked to provide outstanding discrimination while delivering maximum depth under most soil conditions whether its Surf or Turf so those that want to merely turn it on and go are going to achieve the performance they expect right out of the box.

You can customize Discrimination Levels, Target Tones even Icons to whatever your heart desires. For example, you can change the Tone of a Silver Dime from a very low tone to a high tone.

The Audio Output of the Spectra Vision is the SMOOTHEST yet in the White’s Line Up, surpassing even the Prizm and E Pro Series. Around power lines and other environmental noise, you can easily tune it out or shift frequencies. There’s just so much one can due with this unit, and White’s has raised the bar of performance and fun factor.


Jimmy Sierra, Jim Normandi and I meant several times in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park for developing and refining the circuit of the Spectra Vision in the beginning. East Bay Whites Dealer, Ray Romeo was also brought in as part of our SF Bay Area Evaluation Team to evaluate the Prizm Vision in the Bay Area’s East Bay Region.

I did most of my solo evaluation in Foster City Parks which also have some inland Salt Beaches finding Coins, Jewelry, and some very fine gold jewelry thanks to the NEW 22 kHz frequency.

Observations: The NEW Spectra Vision’s three frequency Signagraph will line up the vertical bars according to the size, shape and conductivity of the target.

High Conductors: A quarter for instance will read out in the 80s on the numeric scale with all three frequencies lining up close.

Middle Conductors: A Zinc Penny will read out in the high 50s to 60s with all three frequencies lining up Staggered.

Low Conductors: Nickels, Rings, Fine Jewelry will line up with the 22.5 kHz the strongest and most in agreement with the Numeric Readout of say 18 to 20 (Nickel)

Light Tin Foil will cause the 2.5 kHz to actually drift down into the Minus Scale with a Red Vertical Signagraph Bar, while the 7.5 kHz and 22.5 kHz correctly identifying it as NON-Ferrous. NEW Target Analysis Mode- One of the features I’ve missed was the Quantum XT sizing bars which were real time. This has returned in the All NEW Analyze Mode…. This takes it to several NEW levels in terms of Visual Identification-Discrimination.

In THREE Frequency (New BEST Data Mode) Top Line of Signagraph is 22.5 kHz. Middle Line is 7.5kHz and Bottom Line is 2.5 kHz. These line colors are displayed in a Sine Wave Type Pattern with the Strongest Frequency at the Top and other Two spaced below depending on the nature of the located Target.

HOW It Works- After locating a target in the ground, say a Quarter. After centering up on the Target, TOGGLE FORWARD and make a Side to Side Sweep over the Target. Round Coins, Rings will come up like an Electronic Scope’s sine wave but three lines, one for each frequency. Typically, a Dime or Quarter will cause the 2.5 KHz Green Line to be the Top Frequency indicating that the target in the ground is the strongest signal at that frequency. A Nickel or Gold Jewelry will cause the 22.5 kHz Blue Line to position at the Top with the 7.5 kHz Red Line in the Middle and 2.5 kHz Green Line at the Bottom.

The Analysis Scale is defaulted to 2” on scale so you have a good indication in real time sweeping of the size of the target. Zinc Pennies will generally peak the 7.5 kHz Red Line at the Top followed closely by the 22.5 kHz and then 2.5 kHz frequency.

Nuisance Tin Foil will Peak the 22.5 kHz as Top Dog, 7.5 in the Middle and often 2.5 kHz flat lining or even going into a negative bias.


On a weekend trip, went to a Northern California Destination joined by ‘Digger Bob’ Van Camp (Paradise Detector sales) and Jimmy Sierra. They were both using TDIs. We hunted about four hours and I was using
the Pre-Production Spectra Vision.

In the default Prospecting Mode, I was hunting at Selected Frequency of 22 kHz and hammered a small
sub-BB size birdshot at about 2”. I found shards of other NON-Ferrous metals such as bullets, brass up to
10” with strong signals.

Like the DFX which uses two frequencies, you can switch to both or in the case of the new Spectra Vision,
ALL THREE frequencies which does ensure a smooooth threshold and ignore any salty effects more common in the high desert area, thus avoiding false targets from Alkali Mineralization Patches. I did compare the three frequencies over that aforementioned bird shot and the target volume was still defined although not as strong as the 22.5 kHz by itself.

One of the Bullets I found gave an unusual Vision Visual Response. The numbers were LOW, between 3 and 6, but I expected 22.5 kHz to be the Strongest Frequency but it was just the opposite… the 2.5 kHz was the strongest. The target turned out to be a 50 cal steel jacketed bullet. I ran into four more of these with the same identical Signagraph Fingerprint.

Any unwanted Iron or Ferrous I scanned over while searching was easily identified and ignored in default
22.5 kHz mode with RED Bars. Interestingly enough, by changing to Best Data Mode, Prospecting Program, when Iron or Ferrous was encountered, ALL THREE Red Bars in the deep negative range -90s came up ALL LINED UP together which I dug out and confirmed.

Deep Coin Advantage

Quite clearly the Spectra Vision as really improved identification of Deep Coins which will fool all the other top detectors depending on soil conditions, depth etc. What happens is, the deeper in the soil, and the more reactive the soil is, the PHASE or ID of the coin drifts upward until it hits +95 (White’s Scale, Other
Brands have Lower Visual Resolution) and then will Wrap Around to the Ferrous or Minus Numbers like -
95 to -75 on a DFX. This is a common problem with the other brands getting fooled by Deep Iron.

Jimmy Sierra’s 3 Row Target Test Site: My White’s Distributor, White’s of California is located in Marin
County, Forrest Knolls. In back of the business, Jimmy and his son constructed a challenging Test Site.
Using three target samples: Quarter, Dime and Nickel, buried and marked them with PVC Caps. First Row:
4”, Second Row 6”, Third Row @ 9”.

The Pre-Production Spectra Vision using a Spectra D2 Coil hammered all three of the Deep Coin Targets
with excellent Identification and a VERY strong target signal on the each of the 9” targets. Curiously, I
took my personal Quantum XT (discontinued) which I’ve always favored because of its sizing and excellent tell tale audio discrimination circuit, and although I could hear the 9” Targets, the response was very soft and weak with virtually know VDI under normal sweep speeds. Well, who was I trying to kid.

Deep Iron Advantage

The Spectra Vision has an uncanny ability to accurately identify deep Ferrous (Iron Targets such as nails)
visually and reject them audibly WITHOUT being fooled like with other makes and models. I like to hunt with the Visual Discrimination OFF so I can see how an audibly rejected target signal reacts, and this helps to identify good targets in close proximity to bad ones (mixed up targets). This leads me to feedback by White’s Professional Dealer and Master Detectorist, Ray Romeo, West Coast Treasure’s, Richmond, CA (East Bay).

Ray Romeo’s Field Testing Summary Comments:

Ray has approximately 40+ hours of time on the Spectra Vision. Ray told me that during his field testing and evaluation, Ray chose ‘worked out’ sites he is very familiar with and has hunted them on a regular basis with a variety of detectors from Whites and other brands until the targets found were few and far between, yet there was a substantial amount of ferrous and trash still in the ground to challenge the Spectra Vision.

Ray’s enthusiasm for the Spectra Vision is unmatched and when Jimmy Sierra called in the Prototypes from his Test Team, Ray didn’t want to give it back until the Production Models were available. Ray was reporting to Jimmy on a regular basis his success in finding large numbers of coins he previously couldn’t hear from these hard hit areas. Much of the Spectra Vision’s success was due to its ability around trash-iron infested areas, to sniff out those ‘hidden coins and rings.’

Ray reported to me that he has plugged out of the ground at least twelve silver coins, average depth was 6”+ amongst the ferrous and trash. The Signals from the Spectra Vision were near impressive Full Volume response. The Spectra Vision Signagraph was very accurate and the Analyze Mode easily identified the Coins v larger-deeper aluminum cans that can fool even an experienced detectorist.

Ray told me Greg, I primarily the most impressive thing about this new Spectra Vision is it’s dislike of Iron
and ability to ignore it while finding coins normally hidden by other detectors he’s used. Ray went on to say I never had to dig any iron unless the good target was mixed in with a nail. I could tell by the combination of Audio Tone ID, Signagraph and Analyze Mode resulting in various Audio-Visual Signature that would lead me to believe that I might be over a good coin or ring mixed in with or very near a piece of iron-trash.

Ray also has dug two silver rings, nickels including Buffalos, all deep from hunting grounds he has previously considered worked out by him which is a tribute to this new technology detector. Ray also felt the weight and balance of the Spectra Vision had an excellent feel to it, with virtually no arm fatigue after hours of hunting.


As of early March, White’s Electronics Engineering Team continues to enhance the Spectra Vision’s Digital Interface and it will be at least another week or so before I finally receive he fully developed production model. The release date will be sometime between March 21st and the beginning of April. There is so much to talk about; I haven’t even scratched the surface. The ALL NEW Spectra Vision is listed at $1699.95 and comes with a new technology Wireless Headphones controlled by the Spectra Visions Software. Call the White’s 800 # for your Local White’s Dealer .

Greg Moscini, ‘The Peninsula Treasure Hunter’
Tran Bay Metal Detectors,
Foster City, CA

Ray Romeo
West Coast Treasures
Richmond, CA

Jimmy Sierra & Jim Normandi
Jimmy Sierra Mining,
White’s of California
Forest Knolls, CA

Special Thanks to Jeff Foster, author of Digging Deeper With the DFX and MXT who conferred with the
White’s West Coast Test Team. Thanks also for input from Larry Manger of Big Valley Detectors, Ca.

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