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White’s Prizm 4 (IV)

The Prizm 4 metal detector is built upon White's legendary performance and quality. This metal detector is perfect for the first-time user but packs the features desired by experienced treasure hunters.

Features of the White's Prizm 4 metal detector include:

Target I.D. - Display shows I.D. of each target. See what's in the ground before you dig!

Depth Reading - Once a target is detected, the screen indicates how deep to dig.

5-Range Discrimination - Adjusts for what you want to detect. Pick up all targets or just gold, silver, etc.

Adjustable Sensitivity - Maximizes detection depth in varying ground mineralization.

Pinpoint Mode - Pushbutton All-Metal Mode makes locating a target easy!

Smart Notch - Smart system notches each discrimination zone per your liking.

Tone I.D. - Three distinct audio tones. Low indicates iron and nails. Medium indicates gold, jewelry and nickels. High indicates coins.

Search Coil - 9" waterproof spider coil for great depth.

Control Box - Rugged and water resistant.

Weight - 2.5 pounds and balanced perfectly for those long hunts!

Power - Two 9-volt with low battery alert.

Headphone Jack - 1/4"

Here are our current listings for the Prizm 4 Metal Detector:

Whites Prizm IV Metal Detector NR
Whites Prizm IV Metal Detector NR
US $99.99

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