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White’s DFX E-Series Features

Classified by White's as the finest all-around metal detector, the DFX is impressive in the ability to find the older, deeper items that many other detectors miss.

DFX combines the simplicity of a turn-on-and-go detector with that of a sophisticated, very tweakable computer technology. Beginners can start hunting right away while there are plenty of adjustments for the advanced treasure hunters.

White's patented multi-frequency method partners with the target ID you get only with the DFX. This allows the detector to ignore ground mineralization and go right for the coins, jewelry, relics, etc. that other machines may miss.

With the DFX you can hunt at one or both of the best metal detecting frequencies - 3kHz or 15kHz. There is even a mode - Best Data - that allows the DFX to gather data from the most reliable frequency at the time.

Features exclusive to the DFX E-Series:

  • Simultaneous discrimination and target ID at each of two different frequencies
  • Best Data mode analyzes the target in both frequencies and displays the most stable, accurate results
  • Correlate mode compares target responses at both frequencies and rejects as trash if they don't agree
  • Optional single frequency detection (like most other detectors)

DFX features:

  • Multiple Frequency Operation - Hunt in 3kHz, 15kHz or both frequencies at the same time.
  • 4 Programmable Hunting Programs - Use the default pro-designed programs right out of the box or erase them and create your own custom programs.
  • DSF Digital Signal Filtration - Adjust your ground filtering - use 2 for quick response in high trash areas or 3-6 for best depth in mineralized ground.
  • Sweep Speed Adjust - Use higher settings to move quickly through an area with few targets and lower settings for moving slowly through high trash areas.
  • Hot Rock Rejection - Complete accept/reject range.
  • 9 Turn-on-and-Go Programs - Start hunting right out of the box. Completely automatic and perfect for beginners or to use while getting familiar with the DFX.
  • 10 Basic Adjustments and 34 Pro Options - Ability to adjust every aspect of your hunting. Popular adjustments include: Tone ID, Sweep Speed, Silent Search, Fade Rate, Recovery Speed, Block Edit and Auto Trac Speed.
  • Complete Visual Display - Target icons, VDI numbers and SignaGraph target signature. Three independent and precise ways to identify a target and a depth screen.
  • Automatic Ground Balance (AutoTrac) - Tracks the ground mineralization as you hunt and automatically adjusts for maximum depth and analysis.
  • High Definition Display
  • Powerful, Waterproof 9.5" Search Coil
  • Slide-in Nicad Battery System - Up to 15 hours of hunting per charge. (regular battery pack included also)
  • Two-year Parts and Labor Warranty

Current listings for White's DFX metal detectors:

Whites DFX E Series Metal Detector
Whites DFX E Series Metal Detector
US $600.00

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