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Pros and Cons of Buying Used Metal Detectors

When buying used metal detectors, as with all products, there are advantages and disadvantages of used versus new items to consider. This article will help you walk through them.

The Pros of Buying Used Metal Detectors

If you are considering the purchase of used metal detectors, the cheaper cost is probably the top or one of the top factors in your ultimate decision. We all like getting a great deal, especially with the present state of the economy. What many people do not realize is that you can find and buy anything used that is currently available on the market as a new product. Don't just think used metal detectors means an out-of-date machine that is twenty or thirty years old. As an example, just a few days after the recent release of the new White's Vision, I saw a guy selling his for $300 less than cost due to a financial hardship. It was just like new. You can literally save hundreds of dollars buying used metal detectors.

Used metal detectors offer a much greater selection of brands and models to choose from. Over the years, there have been hundreds of metal detectors manufactured. Some were good machines, even by today's standards, and some were not. With the boom in online sales, many of them are now hitting the market as used metal detectors. There are many awesome deals waiting for you out there for used metal detectors. Browse around our site and you will find a bunch of them!

There is always a great debate about the newer detectors having better features and depth capability when compared to the older, used metal detectors. Sometimes this is true and others when it is not. Like with most products, a new packaging scheme and a brighter display isn't always an indication of a better product. Many "new" metal detector features are actually rehashed features that have been around for years and are available on the majority of used metal detectors you will find for sale. One example is the automatic ground rejection function. Notice how each manufacturer has a different name for it and that the name tends to change every couple of years. I buy used metal detectors because I actually prefer some of the older models. The three detectors I presently use were all purchased used.

The Cons of Buying Used Metal Detectors

The top disadvantage of buying used metal detectors is what happens if it breaks and needs repair. Many times the warranty on a newer model, when purchased as used from the original owner, can be tranfered to you. I know White's is now doing this. If it is an older model, contact the manufacturer and they will still probably repair it for a fee. If the detector manufacturer no longer exists, such as Compass, there are a few repair facilities out there that can fix it. A search online will lead you to them. The bottom line is that the repair of defective used metal detectors may cost you some money but so can a new one after the warranty expires.

If you are reading this, you are probably thinking of buying used metal detectors online and one of your biggest concerns is getting ripped off. This is understandable and I have the same concerns. Online fraud is not near as rampant now as it once was because retailers, eBay, Paypal, etc. have become wiser and have put checks in place to prevent most of this. On the used metal detectors side of a purchase, ask the seller plenty of questions about the condition and functionality of the detector. Do not assume anything! If they do not answer your emails or return your calls, move on to your next used metal detectors choice.

Many of the used metal detectors you will find for sale will not come with an owner's manual or some accessories that you may want. The majority of manufacturers now offer downloadable manuals for all of the detectors that they have ever produced. An online search will usually lead you to manuals for manufacturers that are no longer in business. As used metal detectors are flooding the market, so are their accessories. A search on our site will lead you to almost any accessory for any model of used metal detectors. Finding manuals and accessories for used metal detectors is really not much of a concern anymore.

The ultimate decision to purchase used metal detectors is left up to you, but I hope this has helped. Weigh all the pros and cons, make your decision and start metal detecting!


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