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Discount Tesoro Metal Detectors

Listed below are the discount Tesoro metal detectors that are available for purchase. You will find newer Tesoro detectors such as the Cibola, Compadre, Cortes, DeLeon, Golden uMax, Lobo Super Traq, Sand Shark, Silver uMax, Tejon, Tiger Shark and Vaquero models.

Also listed are older models such as the Amigo, Amigo II, Aztec, Bandido, Bandido II, Bandido II uMax (micro Max), Conquistador, Conquistador uMax (micro Max), Cutlass, Cutlass II, Cutlass II uMax (micro Max), Deep Search IV, Deep Search VI, Deep Search VII, Diablo, Diablo II, Eldorado, Euro Sabre, Golden Sabre, Golden Sabre II, Golden Sabre Plus, Inca, Lobo (Original), Mayan, Pantera, Piranha, Royal Sabre Plus, Sidewinder, Silver Sabre, Silver Sabre II, Silver Sabre Plus, Silver Sabre uMax (micro Max), Stingray, Stingray II, Toltec 100, Toltec 80 and Toltec II.

US $112.50


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