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Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100 Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100 metal detector

The Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100 metal detector is very easy to use and designed with advanced discrimination features which means it is great for finding coins, metals, relics and more. Whether you're scanning the beach or searching in the backyard, the Discovery 1100 helps you find just what you’re looking for.

Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100 metal detector display

The Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100 metal detector's three-tone audio target identification as well as the 3-segment depth and target indicators let you see what is buried and how deep. Touch-pad all-digital controls and automatic ground balancing make the Discovery 1100 easy for the novice to use while the detector offers plenty of power for more experienced users.

Features At A Glance

Push-button discrimination and one-touch depth control
3 Tone audio feedback
3-Segment digital target identification
Easy to read LCD display
Turn and go

List Price: $159.00 USD
New From: $90.00 In Stock
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Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100 Features and Specifications

User Interface

  • LCD Screen
  • Operation Status (non-menu driven)
  • Running Depth Graph
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Knob Control Interface
  • Touch Pad Control Interface
  • Low Battery Indicator

Operation Details

  • Search Modes: 2
  • Discrimination Mode
  • All Metals Mode
  • Transmit Frequency: 6.6kHz

Target ID

  • Non-Numerical Category Target ID
  • Number of Target ID Categories: 3

Discrimination / Notch

  • Levels of Adjustable Discrimination: 4
  • Tone / Audio ID: 3
  • Number of Tones: 1

Ground System

  • Preset Ground Balance

Standard Search Coil

  • Concentric 7-Inch Open Coil
  • Accepts Accessory Coils

Power Supply

  • 9V Alkaline Battery: 2

Headphone Jack

  • 1/4"


  • 5 Years

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