Used Metal detectors – Best selection and prices on a new or used metal detector including Whites, Garrett, Bounty Hunter, Fisher, Tesoro, Minelab and others!

Best Metal Detectors

I often get asked what is the best metal detectors. In my opinion, all of the top metal detector manufacturers make great metal detectors, and I have used many of them over the past 30 years.

Get a brand name detector, and you will be getting a quality machine. Stick with White's, Garrett, Bounty Hunter, Tesoro, Fisher, Minelab, Nautilus, Teknetics, etc. Some companies that are no longer in business made great detectors: Compass, Wilson Neuman, C&G Technology, Treasure Baron, Gold Mountain. I am sure there are others that do not come to mind at the moment.

Shop around below, and you will find lots of quality metal detectors to choose from.

Tesoro Euro Sabre Metal Detector Excellent Condition
Tesoro Euro Sabre Metal Detector Excellent Condition
US $315.00


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