Used Metal detectors – Best selection and prices on a new or used metal detector including Whites, Garrett, Bounty Hunter, Fisher, Tesoro, Minelab and others!

Used Metal Detectors

Used Metal Detectors - Great Selection & Prices of New and Used Models

We deliver all brands of metal detectors - past and present - at the cheapest prices. Not only will you find great deals here, we also provide information on new and used metal detectors, user manuals, a classified ads section and various other items to help you choose and use a metal detector.

Buying used metal detectors is an economical way to jump into the exciting hobby of metal detecting and treasure hunting. There's nothing like digging up a Morgan silver dollar at the local park, finding a Civil War belt buckle lost in battle or scooping up a diamond ring at the beach! But there has been a problem. Until now, finding that specific metal detector was often a challenge. Why lose money before you ever start finding it?

Popular Models of Metal Detectors


Would you rather pay a whopping $1,099.95 for a brand new White's DFX or pay several hundred dollars less for a slightly used White's DFX in mint condition? The answer is simple. With over 30 years of detecting experience, I have bought and used dozens of used metal detectors. If you must have a new model, you can purchase them here too!

You may be asking yourself why should I purchase my metal detector here. There are several reasons why we offer more. Our selection of new and used metal detectors of today's top brands and those of yesterday that are no longer made is the largest anywhere. Ease of use is another advantage of using our site. Listings are searchable by brand via the menu to the left. More importantly, the prices you find here are the cheapest found anywhere online or at your local dealer.

All the present and former top manufacturers are represented in our listings. You will find White's, Tesoro, Garrett, Bounty Hunter, Fisher, Ground Hawk, Minelab and many others. Maybe you are interested in a specific type of treasure hunting and are looking for a certain class of used metal detectors. We have those geared towards gold nugget hunting, coinshooting, underwater or scuba diving and even those made for kids. Finding a great deal on used metal detectors doesn't have to be difficult!

Great used metal detectors from the past can be found in our store. Many older brands and models of used metal detectors give newer machines a run for their money such as the White's Coinmaster series, Compass metal detectors, the Tesoro Toltec and the Bounty Hunter Big Bud. Most newer metal detectors offer "bells and whistles" while their depth capability is no better than the older machines. The secret to making finds is to get a decent detector and learn everything about it. The way to know your detector is to use it often and know what it is telling you. Combined with site research, you now have the winning recipe for metal detecting success!

By shopping here, you can save a bunch of your hard earned cash if you are looking for a White's Prism 4 or DFX metal detector, Tesoro Cibola, Garrett GTI 2500, Bounty Hunter Land Star, Fisher F2, Minelab Eureka Gold, Teknetics T2 or any other. Buying new or used metal detectors has never been more affordable!

Not only will you find the best used metal detectors at cheap prices, we also offer reviews, manuals and tips. Happy metal detecting!

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